Two color injection tail light lens mould

Yuanfang mold has 20 years automobile clear tail light lens mould development experience, we design, manufacture, and process various plastic molds for car lights, bumpers, instruments, brackets, intake manifolds, and the other automotive exterior parts injection mold. We company has a large processing center and professional supporting equipment for mold manufacturing.

The development of tail light decorative rings from single color molds to Two color injection molding has increased the difficulty of mold development. Yuanfang Mold is a leading two-color clear tail light lens mould manufacturer in China.

Details about Automotive Two Color Injection Mold

Part material: PMMA Clear / PMMA Black

Product size: 387*121*100

Part name: Two color injection molding clear tail light lens

Part name: 2+2(2K)

Mould size: 1200*600*830mm

Steel: P20HH 

Injection system: Valve hot nozzle  

Surface effect: SPI A1

Mold life: 300k

T0 lead time: 6 weeks 

Tail light cover mould maker: Yuanfang mold

Car tail light lens mould product features:

The surface appearance requirements of automotive tail light products are high, and good light transmittance is required. Through years of experience, Yuanfang mold recommends PMMA material as the preferred material for tail light covers.

Why do we recommend PMMA instead of PC material as tail light lenses?

The selection of materials is very important for automotive tail light molds, and the performance of materials will affect the performance of the product itself, including the realization of many core properties such as injection molding, welding, cold and hot cycles after product molding, and insertion and extraction forces. There is no doubt that transparent material is the first requirement for car tail light lenses, and the customer’s design is a two-color injection molding transparent material and black material into an outer lens cover.

The scratch resistance of PC materials is slightly poor, and PC parts will turn yellow when exposed to ultraviolet light for a long time. However, because the tail light lenses are external components and are exposed to sunlight for a long time, PMMA is more suitable for producing tail light lenses. Although there are also PC modified materials that can meet the usage requirements, the modified PC is relatively expensive, so PMMA is recommended.

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