Three Things That You Cannot Ignore When Refer to Mold Making

With 20 + years’ experience in plastic mold making and plastic part production, YF Mold possesses an experienced engineering design and toolmaking team. We strive to meet and exceed our clients’ goals and expectations. During mold making, three things that we need to pay attention

  1. You can’t just focus on product design but neglect plastic injection mold manufacturing.
    Some of our clients were immersed in product development and didn’t communicate with the mold maker in time. After the product design is initially determined, you should communicate with your mold manufacturer and can help save your time and cost. A mold maker with rich experience can give you professional advice on your product design. To produce high quality plastic mold, the supply and demand both sides have to have good communication which can reduce costs and shorten time.
    YF mold offers free DFM on to help comprehensive analysis of your product on parting line, shrinkage and draft angle etc.
  2. Should not only focus on price but also consider quality, cycle time and service.
    (1) There are many types of molds, and should select the right technology.
    (2) Molds with high precision requirements should be processed by high-precision CNC machines, and have strict requirements on mold steel and manufacture technology.
    (3) The mold shop should have high speed CNC, mirror EDM, slow wire cutting machines, High precise CMM measuring equipment, etc.
  3. Avoid multi-side collaboration and try to choose one-step processing.
    (1) With qualified molds, it may not be possible to produce stable good products when quantity is big, because the person who controls plastic injection machines such important, the injection machine of parameter list influences your product quality.
    (2) Having a good mold but also needs a good plastic injection room, it is best to work through one-step cooperation, and try to avoid multi-side cooperation.
    YF Mold has been exceeding customer expectations since 1996 with injection mold design and construction. We are an ISO registered mold making company with vast experience constructing custom, precision injection molds for various industries. Contact us now for a FREE design consultation and to speak with a knowledgeable design engineer.
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