Team Weekend Activity

In YuanFang,we have quarterly team activities. Besides work, we also need life, people who enjoy life can work better. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we pushed back the original event by two weeks,Finally, last weekend ushered in the group building activity we have been looking forward to for a long time.There are many very famous scenic spots and special activities in Guangdong Province,we collected a lot of information for the activity,Finally decided to go to Qingyuan, a three-hour drive away.It is a famous hot spring villa resort,the trees are lush, the air is fresh, you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Our itinerary arranged tasting local specialties.Do Your Own BBQ activity,Swimming, hot springs, karaoke and mahjong games and sightseeing at the most famous scenic spots around.

On Saturday morning we arrived at the meeting place early,everyone works to procure the necessary ingredients,after the nucleic acid test then drove off. At noon, we arrived near our destination, and we found a local farm with special characteristics and tasted different kinds of food. It can only be said that China has a large territory and abundant resources, and the food in each place is very distinctive. I don’t know whether the ride is hard, or the food is very delicious, everyone wolfed down,eat with relish. After a delicious meal, we arrived at the spa villa,after entering the first time is to visit around, the actual villa and the picture above a little different, but the overall is not bad.Take things as they come.

Some people have a nice hot spring after swimming, some people just let their voices out and sing karaoke,some people play mahjong.At nightfall,we need to prepare the BBQ,everyone is busy and happy, skewers of food, charcoal fire,mixed spices,everything is ok, prepare barbecue. Luckily, we have colleague who love to cooking and are skilled at grilling, then we can eat delicious food. While eating a kebab, while drinking beer, enjoy the chat,we had a relaxing and enjoyable evening.

The next day,we came to the most famous tourist spot in the neighborhood,a big temple.Buddhist culture prevails in some parts of China,although the study of Buddhist culture is not deep, but we are very serious worship Buddha.Everyone should have made a wish before the Buddha for peace of mind.In addition, the scenic area has continuous mountains,we did the right thing by driving up the hill instead of walking to the top,after nearly a turn in the mountains, we found ourselves driving from the beginning to the end. :)Finally, we walked for a while in the deep mountains, listening to the sound of streams and looking at the clear spring,could not help but drink the spring water, sweet and cool.

The trip ended, leaving us all with good memories.Such activities are undoubtedly an effective way to strengthen team cohesion, what we need is not only the familiarity of life, what is needed is the synergy that results,perhaps it is the familiarity of working ideas, the leap of achievement of 1+1>2, or the strength of teamwork…

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