2 Color Plastic Handle Two Shot Injection Mold

Part material: ABS Terluran GP-35
Product size: 131* 99.5* 131 mm
Part name: Two shot injection mold for 2 color plastic handle
Mold cavity: 1+1(2K)
Mould size: 700*450*510 mm
Steel: S136 HRC48-52
Injection system: YUDO Hot runner
Surface effect: SPI B2
Mold life: 1 million shots
T0 lead time: 6 weeks


20 years precision injection mold manufacturer

Precision mold manufacturing relies on modern CNC equipment and even more on people. We have professional technicians to operate precision equipment so that talents and equipment can take full advantage.

Yuanfang has been cooperating with foreign customers for more than 20 years. We are familiar with precision plastic injection mold international standards and has a deep understanding of customer export needs. We are very professional with two shot injection mold, vertical metal insert molds, precision connector injection molds, etc.

Advantage of Yuanfang Two Shot Injection Mold

  • We have more than 20 years of experience in plastic injection mold manufacturing, rich experience in precision injection mold making. we also specialized in making two shot injection molding parts.
  • We can participate in and assist customers from the initial product design and development to the entire stage of mold making and product production and delivery.
  • Based on your part design, we are able to provide the best price 2k injection services solution with high-quality products.
  • We have advanced process and inspection equipment and regular investment in leading-edge equipment.
  • We provide a perfect project Management System.
  • We provide innovative solutions based on varied industry experience.
  • We guarantee our molds for the life of your project.

Understanding Two-Color Injection Molding

Two shot injection molding process allows manufacturers to seamlessly combine two different colors of plastic in a single mold, resulting in visually appealing and highly customizable products.
To achieve two-color injection molding, special injection molding machines equipped with dual injection units are used. These machines allow for precise control over the injection process, ensuring that the two different colored plastics are seamlessly combined to create the desired final product.

The Process Behind Two Shot Injection Mold

Step-by-Step Breakdown: The two shot injection mold involves several crucial steps that yield remarkable efficiency and accuracy. First, the primary material is injected into the mold cavity. Then, the second material is injected, forming the desired shape within the first material. The mold is then cooled and opened, and the finished product is ejected.

Significance of Two-Shot Injection Molding Technique: The ability to simultaneously mold two different materials is a game-changer in the manufacturing world. This technique allows for the creation of complex, multi-material designs that would otherwise require multiple assembly steps and increase production time. By combining the molding process into a single step, we significantly reduce assembly time and eliminate the need for separate operations, resulting in a more efficient production line.

Yuanfang mold dedicated to providing customers with systematic design and manufacturing solutions for two shot injection mold plastic products and precision injection mold manufacturing, contact Yuanfang for instantly quotation request.


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