2 Component Plastic Part Mold Factory

Part material: ABS Terluran GP-35 /GOMMA 50Sh
Product size: 131* 99.5* 131 mm
Part name: Plastic manifold, two component injection moulding part
Mold cavity: 1+1(2K)
Mould size: 650*400*540
Steel: S136 HRC48-52
Injection system: YUDO 1 drop nozzles direct the part
Surface effect: SPI B2
Mold life: 1 million shots
T0 lead time: 6 weeks


Do you want to use multiple materials to create the same plastic part or use the same plastic but different colors to form a product? Yuanfang mold is two or multi-component injection moulding expert in China. Two-component injection mold manufacturing relies on modern CNC equipment and even more on people. We have professional technicians to operate precision equipment so that talents and equipment can take full advantage.

Yuanfang Mold is located in the Chinese mold city of Dongguan, and is a professional two shot injection mold supplier engaged in double color plastic parts injection mold design and manufacturing.

Advantage of Yuanfang Two Component Injection Mould


  • We have more than 20 years of experience in two component plastic injection mold manufacturing, rich experience in precision injection mold making.
  • We can participate in and assist customers from the initial product design and development to the entire stage of mold making and product production and delivery.
  • Based on your part design, we are able to provide the best price 2k injection services solution with high-quality products.
  • We have advanced process and inspection equipment and regular investment in leading-edge equipment.
  • We provide a perfect project Management System.
  • We provide innovative solutions based on varied industry experience.
  • We guarantee our molds for the life of your project.

Definition of two component injection moulding part

Two color injection molded products or multi-component injectionmoulding part are usually made of two materials and injected into one product, without the need for subsequent assembly processes. There are also two-component injection moulding part with the same material.

The double color injection molding technology has been widely applied in almost all plastic fields such as electronic products, electric tools, medical products, household appliances, toys, etc.

A two-component injection mold refers to a mold in which two types of plastic materials are injected into the same injection molding machine in two stages, but the product is only molded once. This type of molding process, also known as two color material injection molding, is usually completed by a set of molds and requires a dedicated two component injection moulding machine. A mold installed on the same injection molding machine with two sets of injection molding devices (i.e., a two-component injection moulding machine), which injects two types of plastics in sequence and generates dual color products, is called a two-component injection mold.


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