1 Contactor Precision Injection Mold Manufacturer

Part material: P.A.6.6 25%
Product size: 68.6*44.8*43.6mm
Part name: Plastic Housing for Contactor
Mold cavity: 2 cavities
Mould size: 350*406*363mm
Steel: 1.2343 (HRC50 ± 2)
Injection system: 1 Drop hot nozzle turn sub gate
Surface effect: Charmilles 24
Mould life: 1 million shots
T0 lead time: 5 weeks

YF mold is an experienced precision injection mold manufacturer. They are made of high-quality steel and are used to produce injection molded plastic parts.

We have successfully completed hundreds of injection molding projects for customers in various industries each year. Through these project partnerships, YF has accumulated talents in mold design and injection mold manufacturing, and has accumulated rich experience in mold design and injection mold manufacturing. Our engineers will provide you with successful injection mold solutions. Our mold makers manufacture top-notch injection mold quality with their passion, dedication and expertise.

As a high-power switching device, contactors are widely used in aerospace, aviation, weapons, ships, electronics and other system equipment. In equipment, they are mainly used as power distribution switches for power control or to control the start and stop control of high-power motors. They are a key component in equipment plays an important role. The overall development trend of contactors will be towards long electrical life, high reliability, multi-function, environmental protection, multi-specification, intelligence and communication. In view of these characteristics, contactor manufacturers have increasingly higher requirements for precision injection mold manufacturer.

How to find a reliable contactor housing precision injection mould manufacturer becomes a problem. Yuanfang plastic mold, as a precision mold factory in China, has over 20 years of contactor housing injection mold manufacturing experience.

Advantages of Yuanfang precision injection mold manufacturing

Yuanfang mold have extensive experience in contactor plastic housing injection molds, based on your contactor part design, we can provide product design optimization, free mold flow analysis, and the best injection mold price.

Yuanfang plastic mold have advanced process and testing equipment and regularly invest in cutting-edge equipment.

We provide a complete project management system and send mold making process videos to customers every week.

Yuanfang precision injection mold manufacturer will conduct a complete CMM three-coordinate inspection on cavity, core and main inserts, and provide a complete CMM measurement report for the injection molded plastic housing.

Before the mold is delivered, we will do verification testing to ensure the smooth and stable production of our molds.

Yuanfang precision injection mold factory can guarantee 99% on-time delivery.


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