Automotive Plastic Injection Tooling For Bracket

Part material: PC/PBT
Product size: 135*71*22 mm
Part name: Automotive plastic injection tooling for front bracket cover
Mold cavity: 1*1
Mould size: 350*350*460mm
Steel: 1.2738HH
Injection system: INCOE 1 open nozzle turn the banana gate
Mold life: 500K
T0 lead time: 5 weeks

Automotive Plastic Injection Tooling For Front Bracket Cover

YF mold accumulated 20 years of experience in mold design and automotive plastic injection tooling making, providing optimization solutions for customized automobile products and shortening customer project development time and win greater benefits for our customers. Choose YF, you will have professional team controls project quality and progress, while professional engineers handle product preliminary analysis, mold structure design, and project engineering progress.

YF has outstanding advantages in automotive plastic injection tooling quality and delivery time for small and medium-sized automotive plastic interior parts.

YF mold provide high-precision molds for the production of automotive plastic components. The machining accuracy can reach 0.005mm, and the surface smoothness can reach Ra0.01μM. For this automotive plastic injection tooling, we have conducted a rigorous design and demonstration process from product improvement, mold design, to trial production of subsequent processes. YF mold ultimately developed a set of automotive plastic injection tooling solution and process plans that meet customer needs, which have been recognized by the customer.

Technical support: DFM, Mold-flow, Mold design, Mold making, FAI report, CPK report
Processing Technology: Grinding Machining, Milling Machining, CNC Rough Cutting, Heat Treatment, CNC Precision Processing, Wire Cutting, EDM Discharge etc.
Injection tooling supplier: YF mold factory

Automotive plastic injection tooling requirements:

This is a PC/PBT automotive plastic cover, due to the high rigidity and viscosity of PC plastic material, injection molded shells are prone to cracking. After adding PBT, the blended plastic PC/PBT improves its ability to resist high-temperature deformation and stress cracking. For appearance parts, the most important thing is surface quality. Customers require that the surface of the product be smooth and free of welding marks. Therefore, direct gating cannot be used, and a bottom banana gating method should be used instead.

YF automotive plastic injection tooling guarantee 500,000 mold life cycles.


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