Precision Plastic Mould Tools Manufacturing

Mold Cavity Steel: 8407
Part Material: ABS
Mold Life: 1,000,000
Mold Inection System: Cold runner
Mold Cavity: 2
Mold Frame: LKM
Surface: Texture

Precision Injection Mould & Moulding Specialists

Precision injection molding is a complex process that requires highly reliable machines, rich experienced designers and engineers to create the high-precision parts to meet customer’s needs.

From parts design, mold design, materials selection and technology ,YF Mold expertise in creating optimized designs with manufacturing in mind helps create more efficient and high-quality solutions throughout all stages of a product’s lifecycle.

Yuangfang Precision Injection Molding Capabilities

As a trusted partner, Yuanfang’s PIM technology allows for companies to create the parts and components needed to meet consumer demand with the quality and efficiency to keep customers competitive. our custom mold capabilities help build better products from idea to reality:

• Plastic part optimization

• Mold engineering development

• Tool life asset management

• High-precision mold making

• Mold qualification and plastic part verification

Yuanfang is professional on precision injection mold and molding improves the reliability and longevity of the manufacturing process, from one cavity to 48 cavities and beyond, serving the medical, automotive, electronics ,aerospace markets. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss for your project,  our dedicated precision injection molding team with years of expertise and experience will always look forward to hear from you.


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