China automotive mold for rear housing

Accumulated 20 years of technical experience, proficient in the development and manufacturing of complex automotive plastic mold solutions, with mature and reliable design solutions to avoid repeated mold repairs in the later stage.

Quality is the vitality of Yuanfang mold, and reputation is our future. So, we will strictly control the quality of the entire project, our goal is to become a China automotive mould company that customers trust the most.

Automotive mould plastic injection mold for rear housing

Part material: ABS

Product size: 345*131.6*52.758 mm

Part name: Rear housing of China automotive mould

Mold cavity: 2 cavities

Mould size: 750*700*650 mm 

Steel: S136 HRC48-50

Injection system: Hot runner 2 open nozzle direct on the part 

Surface effect: SPI B1

Mold life: 1 million shots life cycle

T0 lead time: 6 Weeks 

Injection moulding automotive companies: Yuanfang mold

How China automotive mould start mold manufacturing?

At Yuanfang injection mold factory, after receiving customer’s product design, the project manager will immediately convene all designers and engineers to analyze the product drawings and potential issues encountered during the injection mold manufacturing process. For example, analyze the demolding draft angle, strength, plastic filling, deformation, wall thickness, appearance effect, etc. After these discussions are concluded, we will also conduct mold flow analysis if there is a requirement. If any problems arise, we will contact the customer immediately and provide solutions or suggestions. Yuanfang is a reliable China automotive mould factory.

China automotive mould working process

The melt material enters the automotive mould cavity through the injection molding machine nozzle, fills the cavity, cools and solidifies to sufficient rigidity, then opens the mold, and the plastic part detaches from the mold with the help of all ejection mechanisms. After removing the automotive plastic part through the robotic arm, the mold closes again and the next injection molding process begins.

Don’t hesitate to contact Yuanfang mold, a China automotive mould manufacturer, it’s located in world factory Dongguan.

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