PPS Injection Molding Parts High Temperature Mould

The Yuanfang mold have unique advantages in high-temperature PPS injection molding, our production base currently has a factory area of 2000 square meters, including an office area, testing area, processing area, assembly workshop, and warehouse. We currently have various advanced mold processing equipment and testing equipment, as well as various processing and manufacturing technicians.


We mainly produce automotive parts molds, motorcycle plastic parts molds, 5G intelligent devices, medical instruments, household appliances, and daily necessities molds. The technology and low-cost advantages centered on Dongguan manufacturing create higher cost-effectiveness for customers.

PPS injection molding parts professional high temperature mould

Part material: PPS+GF40

Product size: 65*79*73mm

Part name: PPS injection molding parts

Mold cavity:  2 Cavity

Mould size: 400*300*390mm

Steel: H13

Surface effect: SPI B2

Injection system: 3 pate molds with cold runner

Procedure: Product design, mold making, injection molding

Mold life: 1 million shots mold life cycle

T0 lead time: 5 weeks

Points to note about PPS injection molding parts

Due to PPS being a crystalline resin, stress concentration will occur in the corners and wall thickness changes of the product. Cracking, dimensional changes, and decreased impact strength are prone to occur in these areas. Therefore, when designing PPS injection molding parts, attention should be paid to adding radius to the corners of the product and trying to make the wall thickness as uniform as possible. Adding reinforcement ribs in appropriate positions can increase the strength and rigidity of the product, eliminate residual stress, and improve fluidity.

Although PPS has a low water absorption rate (about 0.03%), in order to reduce nozzle leakage, silver wire and bubbles, PPS injection molding material should be dried thoroughly. A dehumidification dryer should be selected, with a drying temperature of 160 ℃ and drying for 3-4 hours.

The injection pressure and injection speed have a significant impact on the fluidity of the melt and play an important role in the quality of the mold and the PPS injection molding product. The injection pressure is generally 80-130 MPa. The faster the injection speed, the better the surface smoothness of the product, but it is prone to product warping and burning. It is important to note that a moderate injection speed is generally used. More information please check Yuanfang plastic injection mold making process for reference.

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