Portable Belt Sander

Our production process is highly automated, achieving lean and efficient production with the lowest management cost. These capabilities enable us to provide customers with efficient and cost competitive manufacturing services without sacrificing precision and quality. For more information on our capabilities, please see the list below, or contact us directly.

Guangdong Guangdong Technology Industry Co., Ltd., is located in the mold city of Dongguan, is a precision plastic injectoin mould factory that provides efficient and professional services for the development of the mould manufacturing industry.

We support the entire plastic manufacturing process from product development to distribution, and meeting or exceeding customer expectations is always our goal.

Our management and technical team have over 10 years of experience in precision mould and automotive parts mold design and manufacturing, which can effectively combine mold and mold parts technology. We have the ability to produce various custom industrial mould according to customer designs.

We have gone beyond standard DFM research and adopted an excellent design approach, through which our team analyzes and optimizes manufacturability tools; Plasticity; Customer objectives; Design considerations; Cost and affordability; Product lifecycle testing, quality and compliance; and so on.

Automotive product
Medical product
Electronic product
Home appliance product
Industry product

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