PA66 Plastic Casing Precision Injection Molds

Yuanfang mold is a professional precision injection molds manufacturer. Precision injection molds are the most expensive and complex mold design process on the market. Our design and engineering team is experienced and skilled, and can design and manufacture molds directly according to customers’ ideas and drawings. Our advanced equipment, such as EDM machine, wire cutting and CNC machining center, coordinate measuring machines are advantageous in manufacturing precision injection molds. Our ultimate goal is to “do our best and be the best”. If you have any precision injection molds requirements, please feel free to contact us.


PA66 plastic casing precision injection molds

Part material: PA66

Product size: 87*91*71mm

Part name: Precision injection molds for PA66 plastic casing

Mold cavity:  2

Mould size: 400*350*360mm

Steel: S136 HRC48-52

Injection system: Cold runner turn sub gate

Surface effect: SPI B2

Mold life: 1 million mold life cycle

T0 lead time: 5 weeks

Processing Technology: Grinding Machining, Milling Machining, CNC Rough Cutting, Heat Treatment, CNC Precision Processing, Wire Cutting, EDM Discharge etc.

Precision mold company: Yuanfang mold factory in China

More information about Yuanfang precision injection molds

Yuanfang mold factory use the highest quality steel to manufacture PA66 precision injection molds.

Yuanfang precision plastic mold and Automotive plastic injection tooling have been exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Hungary, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Australia, Austria and other countries.

The core team of Yuanfang Mold factory has several industry engineers with more than 20 years of experience and 4 experienced precision injection molds designers. The team is good at product structure optimization and provides customers with free optimization consultation.

Yuanfang precision injection molds factory will continue to develop and design high-quality injection molds for all customers, and strive to improve precision mold technology, become automotive injection parts, precision electronic molds and plastic parts suppliers worthy of customer trust.

Please contact our team to provide you with a solution consultation, send an email or contact us online now.


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