Plastic Mould Manufacturing China

YF Mold, China professional plastic injection mold supplier, quality offer custom plastic injection mold and molding service.
Plastic injection mold technology currently is the most popular method to produce plastic parts in the world. This process is widely used of difference industries. We are professional injection molding tool manufacturer with strong mold making team and advanced equipment.

Single shot mould manufacturing china
An injection mold is a part that imparts shape and size to a plastic item during molding. Although structure of molding may vary depending on type and performance of plastic, shape and structure of plastic product, and type of injection machine, basic structure is uniform.

Molding is mainly composed of a casting system, a molding part and a structural part. The gating system and molded part are in direct contact with plastic and vary with plastic and product. It is the most complicated and most varied part of molding, and requires the highest degree of smoothness and precision.

The gating system refers to part of flow path before plastic enters cavity from nozzle, including main channel, cold material hole, shunt channel and gate. Molded parts refer to various parts that make up shape of product, including moving molds, fixed molds and cavities, cores, forming rods, and exhaust ports.


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