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What is a mold trial and verification process?
The mold trial is a necessary process which a new mold is manufactured well to produce parts on injection machine via adjust injection machine parameter to verify if can produce desired products and run smoothly.

Why is mold trial so important?

Mold trial is the last process before deliver the molds to customer or start to produce plastic parts. When a new injection mold manufacturing is completely that need to trial the mold to check the samples feature, appearance, function, or any special tolerance if needs to be verified during the mold trial, ect. We do mold trial to avoid unnecessary mistakes in the mould and make sure that the phase of mold trial already provides customer with a good product. Most of time a standard mold trial process includes three phases. Sometimes, we test several times during a single phase. If necessary, we keep testing and optimizing until the produce meets customer’s demands.

  • In the first time to trial the plastic mold on the injection machine which will test whether the mould open and close perfectly, whether there is sufficient cooling, whether the product comes out neatly and whether there are any flashes, air traps or deformations ect. We provide mold trial report with our findings, in which specify the modifications that have to be made.
  • Once customer approved the modifications proposal that we will optimize the mold. We present the resulting produce to the customer. Did we produce an appealing and functional product, are the dimensions correct, can we manufacture it within the calculated cycle time and does it meet customer’s other needs? The part is then released for testing and the customer is given ample opportunity to test the product.
  • At the third mould trial with fully optimized mould. In this phase it’s main about finishing surface within matt or glossy texture and correct dimension. Once the product has been perfected and every detail checks out, the mould will be shipped to client or start to mass-production process.
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