Look,our New Injection Molding Plant!

YF Mold starts as a mold maker, we’re leading the way with precision, innovation and teamwork. Our experience and capabilities benefit our customers in many ways, such as advising on small design changes, that help our customers save time and money. Our teams carry the philosophy that attention to detail makes all the difference.

YF Mold provide molds for a wide range of industries, but more and more customers hope we can provide plastic parts or even finished products, but we’re only equipped with 6 injection machines and the capacity is insufficient, therefore we decide build a new injection molding plant.
In year 2021, from choosing the siting of new factory, equipped machines to factory open, it took us 6 months. The new factory is occupied 7000 square meters, with 30 injection machines from 60T to 1600 Tons,

YF Mold takes pride in being able to meet our customers’ needs. Now along with building tools that make production-ready parts, we’re highly skilled at doing the production itself. We are ready to handle your short or large runs. We also offer post-assembly services.
Contact us now for a FREE design consultation and to speak with a knowledgeable design engineer.

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