Automotive Injection Moulding For Sunroof Cover

Part material: PA6+30%GF
Product size: 53.81*691.04*28.60mm
Part name: Car sunroof assembly fit, interior plastic cover
Mold cavity: 1+1 cavities
Mould size: 900*500*720 mm
Steel: H13 HRC50-52
Injection system: 4 valve nozzles turn the sub gate
Surface effect: Feinnarbe L
Mold life: 1,000,000 shots

Injection Moulding Automotive Companies For Car Sunroof Assembly Fit Cover

One of the best injection moulding automotive companies, reasonable mold structure design is a prerequisite for high-quality mold manufacturing. YF mold structure designers and product stylists have rich design work experience, a comprehensive analysis can be conducted on the mold structure and product structure (including mold draft angle, product surface shrinkage, injection system design, exhaust venting system design, cooling pipe system design, etc.). The most important and easily occurring problems in these molds will be repeatedly validated during mold structure design to ensure reasonable product design.

Automotive Injection mold production process flow

Mold design – material preparation – processing – mold base processing – cavity and core processing – electrode processing – mold components processing – steel inspection – tooling assembly – mold trial – mold correction – mold delivery

About RFQ, customer need send the following information to injection moulding automotive companies:

1. Product related drawings include 3D part design or 2D part design, images, or samples.

2. Number of automotive injection mold cavities, mold steel or the total mold life required then we will propose steel, runner category, hot runner brand, and standard component brand, indicate the relevant product weight if need the plastic parts production quotation.

3. Transportation method, does it include shipping costs.

With this information, the injection moulding automotive companies can provide a detailed quotation.

This sunroof interior cover is slender, it is prone to deformation and bending. You really need the help of injection moulding automotive companies, YF mold helps customer with pre deformation analysis, don’t hesitate to contact us, let’s help you successfully manufacture the mold.


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