Automotive Parts Injection Molded Plastic Factory

Mold Cavity Steel: 1.2344HRC48-52
Part Material: PP-EPDM
Mold Life: 1,000,000
Mold Inection System: YUDO 1 open nozzle turn banana gate
Mold Cavity: 1+1
Mold Frame: LKM
Surface Treatment: Texture
Mold Size: 300*300*310mm

Injection Molded Plastic Automotive Parts China Mould Factory

The best production method for plastic automotive parts is plastic injection molding, and injection molds are one of the essential products for plastic injection molding process. Due to the high technical requirements of automotive injection molds, the quality of injection molds depends heavily on experience. Only technologically advanced companies and experienced technicians can ensure the high-quality molds required by automotive plastic molding companies. With years of experience and high-quality technicians, YF mold is an ideal partner for companies in the injection molded plastic automotive parts industry.

More information about Yuanfang Automotive Plastic Injection Mold?

In YF mold factory, quality control is carried out by carefully analyzing all formed parts to ensure that the customer’s injection molded plastic automotive parts meets the agreed specifications. Strictly and randomly inspect from raw materials to finished products according to the customer’s plan or the complexity of the formed plastic automotive injection molded parts. Dimensional and structural checks are conducted on automotive plastic product details using standard measuring instruments or by our expert team using specific tools.

There are infinite possibilities for using thermoplastic and injection molding techniques to produce automotive parts and other aspects. At YF Mold, we have decades of experience in injection molded plastic automotive parts and injection mold making service, producing over 200 sets of automotive molds annually, ready to bring vitality to your project at any time. Leveraging the advantages of China’s entire industry chain and new energy vehicle industry, we can complete design optimization for your project at the fastest speed. Here, the simplest mold manufacturing process only takes 2 weeks, while complex precision injection molds take 6 to 8 weeks.



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