Customer Visit

Today, our team warmly welcomed Jan, CEO of a Belgian multinational company and his team including product design engineers, purchasing managers and project engineers to our factory. With professional and strict requirements, they reviewed our CNC workshop, EDM workshops, Slow wire cutting shop, Grinding shop, Quality room and Assembly workshop.

This visit we obtained a great compliment and high recognition from them. And also Jan and his team gave valuable suggestions to our tool shop. At the meeting, Jan and our design engineers discussed about their products.Their main business are plastic parts on home appliances and medical industry, and have a great demand for over moldinginsert molding and 2K molding, that’s exactly what we good at.

We showed our similar plastic part samples and discussed with them on the technical difficulties in the processing of these types of mold, as well as the details to be paid attention to. They were impressed and recognized by our engineers ‘s professional knowledge and rich experience, meanwhile we had a better understanding of customer’s needs and requirements for plastic mold making and part production.

Doubtlessly our vast experience in Medical devices and Home appliances mold making & plastic production increased our confidence in further cooperation. Finally, they asked us if we have dust-free shop and they want their products produced in our factory. We have already planned to be equipped with dust-free workshop in 2021.

YF mold is a leader in manufacturing precision injection molds, with over 10 years providing plastic injection moulds and injection molding service for the overseas market, we offer reliable & creative tooling solutions, our expertise includes Multi Cavity Mold, Precision Mold, 2 Shot Mold, Insert Molding and experienced in making plastic mould for Automotive, Medical, Home appliance and Industrial industry.

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