China Precision Mold Plastics Valve Cover

At Yuanfang mold, we have advanced equipment and a professional China precision molded plastics team, which can customize injection molds according to customer needs. Our designers will accurately manufacture molds based on the product paper and detailed requirements you provide, ensuring their accuracy and quality. We can guarantee the durability and stability of the mold.


We focus on the manufacturing of plastic products and customization of plastic shells. Whether it’s automotive components, home appliance casings, or industrial equipment accessories, we can meet your needs. We can choose suitable plastics based on the characteristics and requirements of different materials, such as ABS, PC, PP, etc., to ensure that the product has excellent strength and durability. We also offer various surface treatment options, such as spraying, screen printing, and hot stamping, to meet the personalized needs of different customers.

Details about China precision molded plastics valve top cover

Part material: ABS

Product size: 184.17*162.20*37.00mm

Part name: Plastic valve top cover

Mold cavity: 1*2

Mould size: 700*400*480

Steel: S136 HRC48-52

Injection system: YUDO 2 open nozzles with sprue on a disc gate

Surface effect: SPI B1

Mold life: 1M

T0 lead time: 5 weeks

China precision molded plastics factory: Yuanfang mold

In addition to designing and manufacturing molds and plastic products, we also focus on optimizing production processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs. We optimize the mold structure and manufacturing process by using computer-aided design software and simulation analysis, thereby saving materials and processing time. We also implement strict quality control to ensure that our China precision molded plastics products meet customer requirements and standards.

If you have any needs for customized injection molds, China precision molded plastics, or plastic shell customization, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to working with you and providing you with satisfactory solutions. Please send email to, our engineer will give feedback within 24 hours.


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