Insert Molding Manufacturers China

Yuanfang mold is a plastic molded parts manufacturer, insert molding manufacturer, especially in auto parts, electronic, medical device, home appliance ect many years. YF Mold is happy to offer solution for your injection moulding or injection mould projects.

Insert Molding we also called metal insert molding or metal screw/brass insert molding, or we sometimes we call insert molding as over-molding.

Insert molding (moulding) involved in wide range of industries such as home appliance, instruments, electrical components ,automobile ,medical and more industrial.

What the benefits of Insert molding:
1. Saving assembly and labor costs – when insert molding combines lots of components with thermoplastic, it helps minimize the labor costs to assembly.
2. Reduces Size and Weight –No needs of connectors and fasteners, and combines the physical strength of metal inserts and resin, Insert molding provides components with smaller size and lighter weight.
3. Improves component reliability-every part fixedly held in thermoplastic, an insert molded part avoid part loosening , misalignment, improper terminations and other problems, thus increasing the reliability of the component. The thermoplastic has vibration and impact resistance.

Looking for insert molding service for project? Feel free contact us with 3D drawings and requirements, or your questions, we’d happy to work help solve your issue with part design, mold making, massive production, and part assembly. Get a quote now.


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