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For decades, we have been manufacturing precision insert mold and plastic injection moldingparts for well-known customers in the automotive industry, electrical engineering and electronics. We are the perfect partner to produce your high-precision plastic components. YF Mold will work with you shoulder-to-shoulder to satisfy your needs.

China Insert molding Plastic Injection Moulds  Manufacturer

Yuanfang provides Insert Mold Making Services as even injection molding service with many years’ experience. There is one direct difference between the two processes; the plastic injection molding process only uses plastic material in order to create a product. the Insert Molding process includes other types of plastic and/or metals in order to create a more advanced product.  Insert molding is a plastic injection molding process in which thermoplastic material is molded around an insert piece or pieces placed in the plastic injection molding cavity, resulting in a single strongly bonded, integrated assembly, with the insert or inserts encapsulated by the plastic. Inserts can be metal, another plastic, ceramic or just about any substance that can withstand the plastic injection molding process.

Advantage of Yuanfang Injection Mould


  • We have more than 20 years of experience in plastic injection mold manufacturing, rich experience in Sports Cup Lid mold. we also specialized in making 2k injection molding.
  • Based on your part design, we are able to provide the best price 2k injection services solution with high-quality products.
  • We have advanced process and inspection equipment and regular investment in leading-edge equipment.
  • We can participate in and assist customers from the initial product design and development to the entire stage of mold making and product production and delivery.
  • We provide a perfect project Management System.
  • We provide innovative solutions based on varied industry experience.
  • We guarantee our molds for the life of your project.

What is Insert molding?

Insert molding is a similar process but instead uses a preformed part—often metal—that is loaded into a mold where it is then overmolded with a thermoplastic resin to create a final componen.Insert Molding metals and plastics together in a molded part, or multiple metals or materials molded together into a single molding part.

What the benefits of Insert molding:

1. Saving assembly and labor costs – when insert molding combines lots of components with thermoplastic, it helps minimize the labor costs to assembly.

2. Reduces Size and Weight –No needs of connectors and fasteners, and combines the physical strength of metal inserts and resin, Insert molding provides components with smaller size and lighter weight.

3. Improves component reliability-every part fixedly held in thermoplastic, an insert molded part avoid part loosening , misalignment, improper terminations and other problems, thus increasing the reliability of the component. The thermoplastic has vibration and impact resistance.

Applications of   Insert Moulding

There are thousands of uses for Insert Molding manufacturing. The main application area as below:

  • Automotive and industries such as Sensor housing, Gear housing; Cable Assemblies; Interior lighting base; Module parts for engine control
  • Medical devices and instruments, such as needle hubs and tube valves, surgical devices; dental instruments
  • Precision electronic components and encapsulated electronic devices
  • Knobs for appliances, controls and assemblies
  • Military equipment and threaded fasteners


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