Car display plastic shell automotive mold

Part Material: PC+ABS
Product Size: 269.8 * 139.9 * 30.2 mm Product Description: Plastic display shell mold Cavity: 2 cavities Mould Size: 250*250*330 MM
Mould Cavity Steel: 2343ESR
Mould Injection System: 3 point gates
Mould Ejection System: round ejector
Mould Cycle Time: 20s
Mould Life Cycle: 500,000

YF Mold has experienced technical staff to produce high quality plastic gears that accurately, even the most demanding specifications.

Yuanfang has focused on automotive mold making for interior plastic parts from the beginning, injection molded automotive parts accounting for about 60% of our current business, so our professional auto mold manufacturing technology serve all automobile parts manufacturers well.

Yuanfang Mold’s business scope also includes some special molds, such as over-molding, multi-cavity molds, two-color molds, insert tooling, etc. Our expertise in automotive mold making enables us to meet various requirements of our customers.

Customized manufacturer of automotive injection molding parts, providing drawings, samples, and mold making for customization.

Customization automotive mold making process:

1. Analyze the product molding process, mold structure, and manufacturing process. Ensure the mold meet customer usage requirements

2. Design a complete mold structure and machined parts, and propose assembly requirements and injection molding process requirements

3. Before the automotive mold making, thoroughly analyze the appearance quality defects of the plastic parts or mold structure issue, such as parting line setting, gate location, how to guarantee the mold life, etc.

4. The appearance of the mold must ensure that there is no rust, collision marks, or defects in the mold.

5 Mold transportation: Mold delivery must be equipped with locking plates, rust prevention, and sturdy packaging.

6 Mold documents: Providing a complete set of molded plastic samples and all the drawing at the same time as mold delivery.

Our professional automotive mold making team with years of expertise and experience will always look forward to getting in touch with you, please feel free to contact us to discuss your new automotive injection moulding products.

Use 3D prototype printing, DFM and Moldflowanalysis! We have high precision fanuc CNC machines, wire EDM machines and high quality EDM machines.

We can produce high precision mould parts and high quality plastic molded gears. Tolerances can be up to: +/-0.001mm

Custom Production Process
We meet all aspects of customer requirements
Mould temperature: 60-80 ” C
Barrel temperaturefront section: 220-260C
Middle section: 290-310C
Back section: 300-320C
Nozzle: 290-300C3
Injection pressure: 60-70mpa4
Injection speed: medium5
Injection time: according to the size of thepart, it is better if the part fills the mould and thesurface is basically cooled and shape.

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