One of the biggest reasons plastic injection moulding is such a widely used process is its versatility. 2-shot moulding is a process that allows products to be produced using multiple materials and colors, at the same time.

Initially, the first material is injected into a mould to create a base that has spaces for the second material to fill. Once this base is cooled, it’s then transferred to another chamber where the second material is injected onto the base, forming a smooth and durable connection.The two materials used need to be chemically compatible, as otherwise the bond won’t form correctly, causing structural flaws.

2-shot moulding has multiple benefits, some of which are:

  • It’s cost-effective,
  • It can save production time,
  • It’s versatile,
  • It can accommodate complex designs,
  • It provides more design options.

With 2-shot moulding, you’ll be able to produce a more aesthetically pleasing and durable product, perhaps with multiple colors.Complex designs can be produced with ease in one cycle and with a very low margin of error, saving you time and money.

At YuanFang mold we offer a wide variety of plastic injection moulding services, including 2-shot, all supported by our diverse range of machines. Our services include Precision plastic injection moulding, Insert moulding, Over moulding, and much more.

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