Plastic injection mold purchaser normally asked question is ‘ how much does it cost to do custom injection mold? ‘ why is it so expensive to make plastic injection mold ?’ There are many factors affecting injection mold price from all kind of aspects of raw materials, structure of part complexity, cavities, tooling life, mold steel, injection molding process and so on.

  1. Manufacturing equipment: The part surface and precision requirement decides manufacturing process that lead to manufacture cost different. With the high demand for the precision and level of injection mold, the factory must have high precision and quality manufacturing equipment which can replace hand finishing, also need to design the 3D mold drawing more reasonable and correct machining process and high standard part utilization to reduce the mold trial times and mold trial cost.
  2. The lead time of injection mold: The supply cycle of injection molds is one of the important conditions for the early availability of the product. Therefore, the supply cycle of injection molds is directly related to the price of injection molds. The shorter the delivery time, the higher the price of the injection mold, which will force the professional injection mold factory to improve the industry level, shorten the production cycle by various means, update the equipment, and improve the processing method. Therefore, the phenomenon of rising prices of injection molds brought about by the shortened supply cycle will become more and more prominent, and will become an important part of the evaluation of injection molds.
  3. The market economy trend: To win the market for a new product, the match up with injection mold design’s structure or cavity should highlight a “new” characteristic, so the price should also be relatively increased. The fluctuation of the price of injection molds is undoubtedly in line with the laws of the market economy, and it has made the characteristics of single-piece and creative production of injection molds recognized economically.
  4. The technical content of injection mold: Injection molds are technology-intensive products and must contain high-tech components. In foreign countries, injection molds are selling technology, so their prices are very expensive. In my country’s injection mold market, the added value of technology is extremely low. Generally, the more difficult the injection mold, the higher its technical added value, and the higher the proportion of high-tech components in the price (about 10%-30% or higher). The technical value of injection molds is calculated as an important part in the price to reflect the technical value of high-tech and high precision injection molds, which will directly affect the development of injection mold manufacturing enterprises, technological progress and market competition.
  5. The tooling life of injection mold: New products are constantly being updated, and the life of the product determines the design life of the injection mold. Therefore, it doesn’t need the longer life of the injection mold, Too much remaining life value is a waste. The price of an injection mold is directly related to the life expectancy. my country’s injection mold standard clearly stipulates that the general life of large and medium-sized injection molds is 100K shots, and that of small and medium-sized injection molds is 150K to 200K shots. Under the condition of ensuring the same accuracy, the life expectancy is not high, which can reduce the manufacturing cost, which is a saving for both supply and demand.
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