Injection mold is a manufacturing process that’s popular with organizations that want to produce parts in large volumes. It is generally used in rapid prototyping or 3D printing, and it is invested in when parts need to be manufactured by the thousands or millions in succession, all bearing the same dimensions.

The molds are typically made of metal and are hollow forms into which molten plastic is injected to make a desired product. Usually, these molds are made from stainless steel, and they have holes cut out in the middle, also known as mold cavities, that are in the shape of the product to be made. The number of mold cavities will vary based on the quantity of individual pieces and components needed during the production cycle.

Categories of Plastic Injection Mold
Plastic injection mold can be classified into categories as bellows:
a. single-cavity mold,
b. multi-cavity mold
c. Insert mold
d. over mold
e. 2K/3K mold
f. Stack mold
g. Precision mold

When Companies Look for Custom Plastic Injection Mold Partners?
There are several injection molds standard on the market, however, there isn’t a perfect model for every unique project. Companies generally require custom plastic injection mold when products are required with the following:

Complex New Developing Designs – When develops new products via rapid prototype verification it, there are large production demand in market which need to make new custom mold. With custom molds one is not limited to producing standard designs. Rather, they can be tailored to fulfill any component’s size or shape meaning they can create highly complex and unique parts.
High Precision Demands – When it comes to suiting production demands, custom molds are designed down to every fine detail with high precision.
Strict Standards – When it comes to highly regulated markets like the medical industry, automotive, electronic connector, gear or aerospace, custom molds are made according to the client’s exact specifications.

What Factors Go into a Successful Plastic Injection Mold Company?

As soon as your team has determined that plastic injection mold is the right manufacturing process, you will need to find the right partner. YF mold is known for offering the best plastic injection mold services to a wide range of industries, and they will accommodate any project. When looking for the best plastic injection mold services, it is critical to look for the following factors:

Do they have advanced manufacturing equipment?
What are their design and engineering capabilities?
Are they committed to the quality standards?
Do they have the capacities for tight tolerances?
How long do they make plastic injection mold experience?

When booking consultations with several plastic injection mold companies, be sure to cover the above points with them to ensure you are truly getting the best plastic injection mold company capable of helping your organization.
Call YF mold: The Best Reliable Plastic Injection Mold Company
YF mold has the good reputation for being the reliable plastic injection mold company because all our capabilities are achievable under one roof, and we have the best team working in the plastic industry. Capable of handling many projects, we can cover rapid prototyping, to create injection mold of complex products. Call YF mold today and tell us all about your project and learn how we can help you get your product to market quickly, with good quality and staying your budget.

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