Automotive Electronic Products Part

We are delighted to present our outstanding Electronic Products Part, which goes above and beyond industry standards. Our advanced manufacturing processes and strict quality control procedures have resulted in a product that has passed ISO9001 certification and obtained the RoHS report. Each unit undergoes rigorous inspections by our dedicated quality inspection departments before shipment to ensure superior performance and durability. With a remarkable mold precision of 0.005, our Electronic Products Part guarantees a minimum service life of 500,000 times.

At Yuanfang injection mould factory, we prioritize quality above all. That is why we adhere to ISO9001, SGS, and other quality management system standards throughout the entire production process. Our commitment to maintaining high-quality standards has earned us the trust and support of numerous satisfied customers. Equipped with an outstanding quality assurance department, comprising of IQC, PQC, OQC, measurement room, and reliability laboratory, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring the excellent performance of our products.

Our PQC team meticulously inspects and controls the quality of each production link of our Electronic Products Part. Meanwhile, IQC conducts thorough incoming material inspection and supervises our suppliers to meet the highest standards. Furthermore, OQC performs stringent quality inspections before shipment, guaranteeing that every batch of our injection mold making products meets the quality requirements of our esteemed customers.

To uphold our commitment to excellence, our quality department is equipped with state-of-the-art measuring equipment, including two-dimensional and three-dimensional tools, to ensure the impeccable condition of our products upon delivery.

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