ABS plastic injection molding parts

Yuanfang Mold is a one-stop service manufacturer for ABS plastic injection molding parts, providing professional mold making solutions, from plastic material selection to finished product production of injection molded plastic parts.

With more than 40 technicians and precision mold processing equipment, we can customize plastic injection molds based on the customer’s 3D product drawings.

We can also assist customers in drawing 3D product drawings based on samples.

Procedure: Product design, mold making, injection molding

Part material: ABS

Product size: 150*110*57mm

Part name: ABS plastic injection molding parts, plastic cases

Mold cavity: 1 cavity

Mould size: 450*400* 420 mm

Steel: 1.2343   

Injection system: Hot runner 

Surface effect: SPI B2

Mould life: 1M

T0 lead time: 5 weeks

Advantage: Excellent technical level and strict quality control

What’s the application of ABS plastic injection molding parts?

ABS plastic resin is easy to form and post-process, mainly used for injection molded shell products.

In the automotive industry, ABS is a widely used material. Its strength and durability make color palettes the main material for automotive exterior panels. ABS panels are also used to manufacture interior components of cars, such as ABS plastic injection molding parts inside the car and door panels. ABS plastic parts are also very common in sports equipment, such as skis, balance bikes, and skateboards. ABS molded plastic parts can be used to manufacture indoor home decoration, TV cases, electronic parts, and laptop casings. In addition, in the field of electrical manufacturing, ABS plastic injection molding parts are often used to make casings, cable trays, and connectors.

What’s the production methods of ABS plastic injection molds?

The production methods of ABS plastic injection molds include CNC machining, electrical discharge machining, and wire cutting machining. After selecting the appropriate steel, it is necessary to design the mold structure based on the shape and size of the mold, and carry out CAD or CAM graphic design. Subsequently, rough machining and precision machining are carried out, by mold heat treatment and surface treatment to ensure mold hardness and surface smoothness.

Advantages of ABS plastic injection molding products:

1. Good overall performance, high impact strength, chemical stability, and good electrical performance.

2. The surface of ABS injection molded plastic cases can be chrome plated and spray painted.

3. It has high impact resistance, high heat resistance, flame retardancy, reinforcement, transparency, and other levels.

4. It has better fluidity than PC, PMMA, etc., better flexibility, easier injection molding condition, and is more friendly to injection mold life cycle.

As professional ABS plastic injection molding company, Yuanfang mold manufactures approximately 120 sets of ABS plastic injection molds per year. Most of our ABS plastic injection molding cased are used for automotive products and electrical household parts. If you need produce new ABS plastic injection mold case, please contact yuanfang mold right now.

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