2K Double Die Mold Plastic Injection Mould

YF mold is a pioneer of integration in the 2K double die mold plastic injection mould making industry in China supplying to the global market. We offer professional solutions that include design, engineering and manufacturing of moulds. Our in house try out and validation center ensures a high quality workflow and reduce lead times, even customer need that we can produce small amount parts to verify the quality of tooling.

2K Double Die Mold Plastic Injection Mould
2K injection molding: product injection molding with 2 different plastic materials or 2 colours : efficient and economical
For certain products we need 2 injection steps for injection moulding. We call this 2K injection moulding. With 2K injection moulding, two materials with different properties, colours or levels of hardness are processed into one end product in one injection moulding process. This saves costs. With the 2K technique a possible assembly step is prevented. The choice for a 2K or 2-component injection moulding process is primarily based on a cost advantages, design features or aesthetic preferences.
What is 2k injection mold?
2K Injection Mold, sometimes known as 2 materials 2 shots molding or 2 color molding, is an innovative manufacturing process used to produce complicated molded parts from two different materials. …
2K Injection in performed on one machine that is programmed to perform two injections in one cycle. Injection molding is the process of making custom plastic parts by injecting molten plastic material at high pressure into a metal mold. Just like other forms of plastic molding, after the molten plastic is injected into the mold, the mold is cooled and opened to reveal a solid plastic part.

The following five major elements are indispensable in the processing of double-shot molding:
1.Mold evaluation and product analysis Before mold design, mold evaluation and product analysis is a must including the appearance, size and shape to avoid unnecessary complication for two-color mold design.

2.Mold structure An good mold design should not only meet the requirement of customers, but also save costs, reduce the difficulty of processing, shorten the processing time for customers. To achieve this, we must not only fully digest the requirements of customers, but also have an full understanding of injection machine, mold structure, processing technology and processing capabilities of mold factory itself.

3.Material selection Material selection is very important for double-shot molding. It should meet the requirements of wear resistance, toughness, fatigue fracture performance, high temperature performance, cold and heat fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance etc.

4.Parts processing and assembly In addition to reasonable design and material selection, the accuracy of double-shot molding is also crucial in the subsequent processing and assembly. Therefore, in order to ensure precision processing of mold, high-precision advanced processing equipment and experienced technicians are must.

5.Mold testing In order to avoid wasting time and trouble during mass production, it is necessary to adjust and control various processing conditions after mold has been assembled to find the best temperature and pressure conditions. In the trial process, it is necessary to follow reasonable operation steps and record the useful technical parameters in the test process to facilitate mass production of the product.


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