Prototype Mold

What is Prototype Mould?
Prototype molds are usually different from production molds because they are usually not intended for long-term use. As one of the industry leaders, Yuanfang Technology has experts who can handle any type of mold (including prototypes), provide high-quality molds at very competitive prices.
Why Prototype Molds?
As mentioned, prototype molds serve a different function than a final product, including the following purposes:
1. An inexpensive pre-production mold that helps to test the mold before final production.
2. Shorter lead times to have a version that can be tested, typically takes 2-4 weeks.
Prototype molds are not meant to be final versions, and that means a phased approach to building.
The prototype mold is not the final version, but a method of building the mold in stages. Unlike the final injection mold, the prototype mold is made of less expensive materials, such as non-hardened steel, aluminum or P20. Since they are not as strong as the final injection mold, you will not be able to use them in the final product.
What Benefits of prototype molds?
If you are not sure how to best meet the specification requirements, or are not sure about the appearance of the final product, you can easily conduct an effective and cost-effective evaluation through prototyping before proceeding to mold manufacturing.
Many companies are not sure how to develop new products in the early stages. In this case, the pre-production injection mold can help you determine the effective method and when you need to go back to the drawing board.. Since you are using lower cost materials and faster processes, you will not feel pressured by not meeting your needs.
As one of the leaders in the industry, YF Mold has experts who can handle any type of mold, including prototypes. We help you develop an efficient and cost-effective evaluation before committing to a mold for final production. This is why we are a leader in the mold making industry. If you are ready to work on a prototype plastic mold, feel free to email or phone us your custom project.