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    High precision mold maker

    Yuanfang is your one-stop partner for rapid prototype mould &injection molding services

  • Precision Plastic Injection Molding

    Precision Plastic Injection Molding

    With the innovations in injection mold technology, precision injection molding is used for more technical applications and enjoys its benefits for a high-volume production process that is also cost.

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    Precision Mould Tools Manufacturing

    Precision injection molding is a complex process that requires highly reliable machines, rich experienced designers and engineers to create the high-precision parts to meet customer’s needs, YF Mold expertise in creating optimized designs with manufacturing in mind helps create more efficient and high-quality solutions throughout all stages of a product’s lifecycle.

Yuanfang Technology is an ISO certificated manufacturer of precision moulds in Shenzhen, China.
In 1996, Named as HanKing Plastic started the mould making and injection molding business, In 2017, to meet the growing market demand, we set up a professional precision mould manufacturing factory, Yuanfang technology founded. We led in high-precision manufacture to have the high quality of products and satisfy customers’ lead time.
We maintain a high reputation among our customers with the TIGHT TOLERANCE plastics parts and moulds for injection and all type of plastics, including MULTI-CAVITY moulds and the assembly plastic parts, with sound quality control.
Recent years, we keep promoting our Insert MouldOvermouldElectronic Mould, Medical Device MouldMulti-cavity Mould2-Shot Mould and we are successful to enjoy our customers’ good reputation.
Precision injection mold
For many years, plastic injection molding has been a reliable manufacturing technology that can be used to manufacture various plastic products and components. Injection molding meets the needs of many industries and is sufficient for mass production of various parts, but for highly functional parts, a newer technology is needed—precision injection molding.
The precision of the mold mainly depends on the high precision of the mold cavity size, accurate positioning of the cavity or whether the precision of the parting surface meets the requirements. The dimensional tolerances of the general precision injection moulds should be controlled below 1/3 of the dimensional tolerance of the products.
Machinability and rigidity. In the mold structure design, the number of cavities should not be too much, and the bottom plate, support plate and cavity wall should be thicker to avoid serious elastic deformation of the parts under high temperature and high pressure.
For good demoulding, the mold should minimize the number of cavities, minimize the runner, shorten the runner, and have a higher finish than the ordinary mold. The material of the precision mold is alloy steel with high mechanical strength.
The materials used to manufacture the cavity and runner must undergo strict heat treatment, and choose materials with high hardness (parts that can reach HRC52), good wear resistance and strong corrosion resistance.
The characteristics of precision injection:
1. Components have high precision and small tolerances
2. Mold is good and rigid, the dimension precision of the cavity, the degree of finish and the precision of the positioning between the templates are high.
3. Use the precision injection machine to replace the conventional injection machine.
4. Adopt the precision injection molding process.
5. Select the precision injection molding material.
We have been manufacturing precision moulds& plastic products for well-known customers in the automotive industry, electrical engineering and electronics. We are the perfect partner to produce high-precision plastic components. YF Mold will work with you shoulder-to-shoulder to satisfy your needs.